The Essenes Who Changed Churchianity




So, in the fullness of time came the epoch-making discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the caves of the Kirbet Qumran district giving these facts. According to the wisdom of the Essenes, there is no such thing as chance in God's universe - all things are determined by plan or destiny, and all come to pass in the regular time for them, nothing occuring that was not fore-ordained. Thus declare the masters of the art of living who produced a group of people that excelled in righteosness and in the development of "the gifts of the spirit", and in the attainment of cosmic consciousness, more than any of their successors.

It is recorded that no prophecy of theirs ever failed. This accuracy meant their survival in the days of Herod the Great, and their being excused from taking the hated oaths, even the oath of allegiance. History tells us that a certain Essene Menahem, who was celebrated not only for his uprightness but for his fore-knowledge of the future, met Herod one day when he was jesting. But Menahem smiled, clapped him on the back, and said, "Thou wilt, nevertheless, be king and will begin thy reign happily, for God has found thee worthy of it. Remember Menahem's words. This assurance will be salutary for thee when thou wilt love justice and piety toward God and equality toward citizens. However, I know that thou wilt not be such a one, for I can perceive it all. Thou wilt obtain an everlasting reputation, but thou wilt forget piety and justice, which will not  be concealed from God, for He will visit thee in His wrath for it toward the end of thy life".