Whether you are sick, and want to get, or you are well and want to keep in good health, you will find the following prescriptions fine.* They are guaranteed to cure all the ills that ever flesh was heir to, and they are so harmless that an overdose, no matter how large, cannot hurt. Moreover, while most medicines lose their effect in time because the system becomes used to them, these prescriptions are so inherently efficient that they work like magic every time they are taken. Besides, the cost of the ingredients are within the reach of the slenderest purse, and we have not patented them, so anyone may make them up in quantities to suit.

Digesto-Sura Table Tonic

1 Part "Care" to 2 Parts "Spare"

Mix thoroughly and use freely with every meal. Care will govern your selection of food so that you eat to build your body, rather than to please the palate, which is perverted in most people norwadays. When you have used Digesto-Sura for some time, it will become normal and you will enjoy the food. Then the legitimately pleased palate will aid in the digestion of your food.

The Spare keeps you from overeating and thereby sharps your appetite, so that while you eat less you digest better and thus you get ever so much more good out of your food. Consequently, the sick who use this tonic regain health at an amazing rate, and the well become more vigorous-mentally, morally, and physically.

There is only one objection to this medicine, it is exceedingly distasteful to most people; but it is guaranteed as a sure cure which will benefit whomever takes it systematically. In time it will cure any disease and it will add years to dour life.

Whoever uses this tonic will need no other medicine under ordinary conditions, but there are a few special cases where a specific may help.

Otimismus Tablets

These tablets are the most wonderful "Anti-Worry" specific in the world. They are made of two parts "Faith" and one part "Hope", well kneaded in a bowl of "Honest Effort." No matter how bad the attack, they will cure it, and repeated doses will soon prevent recurrences.

Worry never helps, it only hinders by dissipating energy. If disaster seems unavoidable, put your faith in God, make every honest effort to avoid it  and let hope cheer you. The cloud whith hides the Sun may be back, but on the side, which you do not see, the Sun still shines. God still lives, and the sooner you reach out and rend the veil of worry, the sooner you shall see His face.

An attack of "Blues" is more easily dispelled if you take a double dose of Digesta-Sura, that is, eat more carefully and sparingly, for the state of the digestive apparatus has an influence on the temperament, which is little realized.

Temperitis Tablets

These tablets are made of equal parts of "Kindness", "Considerateness", and "Self-esteem", well mixed. They are used as a preventive by dissolving in "Water of Humility" and taking frequent hypodermic injections in the region of the heart.

None among us is so perfect that he does not at times need the forbearance of others. We should be as willing to bear with others as we are to receive their forbearance. If we could see ourselves as others see us when in a fit of temper and realize to what degree we lose their  respect by such an exhibition, we would soon refrain.

There is no better way to break a child of temper than to put it in a corner where it is forced to look into a mirror and see itself. If the same treatment could be applied to grown-up children it would soon cure them also.

But apart from the ethical side, temper has a very disastrous effect on health and should be avoided by all means. Following a fit of temper, and in addition to the Temperitis Tablets, the patient should take only the Digesto-Sura Table Tonic for the next meal or two, according to the severity of the attack. The temper poisons the system to such a degree that it cannot properly digest the food, and by abstaining from food for a short period, the body has time to throuw off the poison. It is then ready to assimilate food and repair the waste caused by temper. But food taken before the temper-poison has been eliminated serves only to further clog and poison the body.

No food is less healthful than food which we cannot assimilate, and under certain conditions of mind and body he who  values health  ought to abstain from food. Fadigue poisons the body only to a lesser degree than worry and temper, and food eaten when the body is tired does not assimilate.

Hurry also interferes seriously with digestion, and anyone who whishes to maintain or ragain health should not allow circunstances to stand in the way of leisure at meals. Pleasant conversation of a light, but not frivolous, nature should be the "spice", and by cultivating congeniality in ourselves we shall bring it out in others, to the mutual benefit of all concerned.

-Max Heindel

*This unpublished piece of Max Heindel's writings, outside its appearance in the November 1916 Rays, shows him in wry form as ironist and humorist. For what ails one, he prescribes good behavior, taken as tablets, tonics, or daily food.

- From Rays from the Rose Cross, September/October 2002.




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