Spiritual Healing and Materia Medica

There is a tendency on the part of many metaphysically-minded people who have come to know and experience the healing powers of mind and spirit to discount or completely repudiate the use and practice of materia medica. We are convinced that this is a serious mistake. Earthly man is made up of body, mind, and spirit. Healing practices rightly include material, mental and spiritual agencies. One does not exclude the others. They all have a rightful place in the scheme of things.

Consequently, the selfish interests of organized orthodox medicine, which bases its practices solely on material means and methods, should not permit prejudice to develop against marvelous advances that have been made within its own limits for alleviating human suffering, combating plagues and epidemics, and dealing successfully with a wide range of ailments at the physical level. While material medicine deals primarily with effects, not causes, it nevertheless has its place in assisting man to rise from the pain and suffering which his mistaken ways of living have brought upon him.

While such recognition of the medical profession should not be withheld, no reasonable effort should be spared in exposing the scandalous lenghts to which an organized body within this profession is going in order to prohibit or discredit other modes of healing, whether of a physical or spiritual nature. There is room for all. Each has its place as a means of establishing the whole wellbeing of man. It rests with each of us do our part as best we may to secure equal liberty for the practitioners of every legitimate school of healing, physical and metaphysical alike.

- From "Rays from the Rose Cross", May/June,1997





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