Little Soul



Once there was a little soul who got very excited one day, ran to God  and said: "I know who I am!"

God said, "That's nice who are you?

The little soul said, "I am the light."

God said, "That's right you are the light."

The soul thought for a second and said, "But I want to be the light!"

God said, "But you are the light."

The soul said, "I know I am the light but I want to be the light. I want to experience myself being the light. I want to know myself in my own experience."

God said, "Oh I see, you want to experience being who you already are."

The little soul said, "Yes, that's it. I want to experience myself  being the light, not just know it but experience being the light."

God replied, "That is understandable, but it is a bit of a challenge because you see there is nothing else but the light. I have created naught  but the light. For you are as a candle in the sun. Oh,you are there for sure, with a billion, billion, billion other candles that make up the sun.

But the sun would not be the sun without you. No, itwould be the sun without one of it's candles and that would not be the sun at all. Yet how to know yourself as the light amidst the light ... 'Tis truly a puzzle", said  God.

"Well," said the little soul, "You're God, think of something."

God said, "I will and I have. Here is what we will do. You can not experience yourself as the light amidst the light so we will surround you with that which you are not. We will imagine together that which is not you and we will surround you withit, and we will call it the darkness. We will surround you with the darkness. We willsurround you with the opposite of that with you are, so that you may know in your experience how brightly you shine."

The little soul said, "Ok I am ready. Bring on the darkness I can be the light."

God said. "I will, for you have asked for this and requested it. I will surround you with the darkness and yet in the moment that you find yourself so surrounded by the darkness raise not your fist at heaven and curse the darkness. Instead, be a light unto the darkness that you may know who you really are and that all whose lives youtouch might know who they really are as well.

 Let your light so shine before people so that they will see the glory of  themselves reflected in you. You may do this with anyaspect of divinity you wish," said God to the little soul. "So choose well and choose wisely in this and in your many lifetimes. For life has as it's "soul" purpose the choosing and the being of an aspect of me that youare." God said, "What do you then choose in this your next lifetime?"

The little soul excitedly said, "Wow, wow I can be anything you are."

God said, "Yes, all of it or any part of it. Here are your choices. So what do you choose?"

The little soul said, "You mean in the next lifetime? I can be happy  or joy, or wisdom or peace or love or or ..."

"That is right." said God.

The little soul said, "I choose ... I choose ...that. That is what I want to be. I want to experience that."

God said, "My, my, my, this is a big day for you.You have chosen forgiveness! You want to be forgiving."

"Yes, yes," said the little soul, "that is what Iwant to do I want to experience myself as forgiveness."

"Well" said God, "there is only one challenge,you see there is no one to forgive."

"No one?" said the little soul.

God replied, "Look around, do you see anyone less perfect, less beautiful less wondrous then you?"

In that moment the little soul turned and saw that all the souls from the universe had gathered for they had heard about thelittle soul's discussion with God. The soul looked around and all there was to see was wonder, beauty and perfection.

Even as the little soul was perfection there was nothing but perfection all around and the little soul said, "So I can see nothing but perfection all around. Who then shall I forgive? There is none less perfect than I. How  shall I experience forgiveness ?"

Just then a friendly soul stepped forward from the crowd. "Do not despair. You can forgive me."

The little soul said, "You, who are you?"

The friendly soul replied, "I am one among many, I have chosen to step forward. I will provide you with someone to forgive in your next lifetime. I will do something in this your next lifetime that you can forgive."

"What, what?" said the little soul, "What will you do?"

"Oh," the friendly soul replied, "We will think of something."

"But, but, why?" said the little soul, "Would you do that? For you are  an object of beauty as am I. A being of total perfection, whose light is  produced by the very vibration of your blessed and glorious self. So rapidly do you vibrate and shine that I can not gaze upon you. What would cause you to slow down your vibration to such a speed that you would become heavy enough to do this horrible thing? Why would you do that?"

Said the friendly soul, "It is quite simple, I would do it because I  love you. Oh, do not look so amazed. You have done it for me as well. Do you not remember? Have you forgotten me so soon? We have danced this dance before you and I. We have danced this dance before. We have been through all of it.

Do you not remember? We have been to the up and the bottom of it, to the left and the right of it. The before and the after. We have been the good and the bad of it. We all have been through all of it for each other. Surely you remember when I was the victim and you were the villain? Surely you remember, but you are right about one thing. It will not be easy slowing down my vibration exactly as you have described. It is not a simple matter, so I have only one favor to ask of you in this next lifetime. It is that you may be forgiving."

"What, what?" said the little soul. "I will do anything, anything. I get to experience myself as who I am. What could I possibly do for you in  return?"

The friendly soul replied, "In the moment that I strike you and spite you, in the moment that I do the worst thing possible to you that you can imagine, in that self same moment remember who I really am. Because if you forget me as I am now I will not remember myself at all. Worse yet, you are liable to forget yourself too and then we will both have forgotten who we really are then we will need a third person to help us remember."

The little soul replied, "I will not forget. I will not forget. I will remember even in the worst moment!"

 --Author Unknown


Once you remember who you really ARE your head will dance in between the stars, your heart will be surrounded by Oceans of Love and you will be able to breathe the Golden Light of the Universe.




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