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Centro Rosacruz Max Heindel (Benavente - Portugal)

Fraternidade Rosacruz de Portugal

Fraternidade Rosacruz - Sede Central do Brasil

Fraternidade Rosacruz -Centro de Santo André

Fraternidade Rosacruz - Centro do Rio de Janeiro - site 1

Fraternidade Rosacruz - Centro do Rio de Janeiro - site 2

L'Associazione Rosacrociana

Gruppo Studi di Padova

Association Rosicrucienne - Centre de Paris

Association Rosicrucienne - Centre de Toulouse

Association Rosicrucienne - Centre de Toulouse (new site)

Rosen-kreuser - Germany

Bücher von Max Heindel - Switzerland

Fraternidad Rosacruz - Centro de Bogotá

Rosenkreuzerski Pogled na Svijet

Fraternidad Rosacruz - Centro de Madrid

Asociación de Estudiantes de Filosofia Rosacruz Max Heindel Barcelona

 Centro de Estudios Fraternidad Rosacruz Max Heindel - Medellín

Rosicrucian Centres  in Ghana 

Rosicrucian Study Group of Tampa Bay - Florida 

Rosicrucian Study Group Vienna, Austria


Mystical  Poetry and Essays

Ella Wheeler Wilcox - Poetry & Essays

CONNECTIONS - Elsa M. Glover's Poetry & Essays

Páginas  Esotéricas por António de Almeida



Esoteric Organizations


LinksAgni Yoga Society and the Nicholas Roerich Museum;

The Anthroposophical Society

Aquarian Age Community

Arcane School

Arcana Workshops

Auckland Goodwill Unit of Service


Blavatsky Archives

Blavatsky Foundation

Bristol Goodwill

Center for Esoteric Studies

Central Spiritual Sun

The Center for Visionary Leadership

The D.K. Foundation

Earthlight Magazine

Esoteric and Astrological Studies and Research Inst.

Esoteric Astrologer

Esoteric Center Copenhagen

Esoteric Publishing 

Esoteric Sciences and Creative Education Foundation

St. Joseph of Arimathea - Interfaith Institute and Theological Seminary Chivalric, Apostolic, and Initiatic Training for Esoteric World Service www.the

The Findhorn Foundation

Fundacion Desarrollo Nuevo Pensamiento Fax 987.1753

Grand Lodge, Ancient Universal Mysteries

Institute for Planetary Synthesis Geneva

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Institute of Personal Development

Intuition in Service

The Master Beinsa Douno

Master in the Heart Services

Meditation Mount

Kathy Mengle

Lucis Trust

Moscow Service of Goodwill

New Age Bible & Philosophy Center

The Nature of the Soul

Path of Light

The Philosophical Research Society

QuintEssence Centre de Bonne Volonte Mondiale

Rosicrucian Fellowship

Sancta Sophia Seminary

School for Esoteric Studies

The School of Ageless Wisdom

Seven Ray Foundation,

Shamballa School

Simply Sacred

Sirius Community

Spirit Fire

Spiritual Paths for the Evolution to Higher Consciousness

Starhouse and Earthstar Community

Sydney Goodwill

Temple Richmond Astrologer

The Theosophical Society

Triangles of Light

Triangles of Light newsletter

TSG Foundation

University for the study of Human Goodness

The University of the Seven Rays

Unity School of Christianity

Wales Goodwill

What is Enlightenment? (magazine)

White Mountain Educational Association

Wisdom Impressions

World Service Intergroup

World Unity and Service



Human Development


ABANTU for Development

ANUVIBHA: The Anuvrat Global Organization


The Alliance for Capitalizing on Change

The Alternative Education Resource Organization

Awakening Earth


The Bretton Woods Committee

The Building and Social Housing Foundation

Community Service, Inc.

The Foundation for Ethics and Meaning

Friends of Peace Pilgrim

The Global Compact

Global Policy Forum

Good News Agency

The Henry Stimson Center

The Institute of Noetic Sciences

IISD Linkages:  a multimedia resource for environmental and developmental policy makers

The Lifebridge Foundation


New Economics Foundation

NGO Global Network

One World

Pathways to Peace

Positive News Network

Radical Middle Newsletter

Radio for Peace International

The Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement of Sri Lanka

Solar Living Institute

The Soros Foundation

The Svmmvm Bonvm Organization

Third World Network

TimeDollar Institute

United Nations Association



UN Development Fund for Women

UN Development Program

UN Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)

UN Tolerance Program

UN Food and Agricultural Organisation

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

UN World Health Organisation

World Goodwill

World Peace Prayer Society

The United Religions Initiative

The Maat Order

World Peace Prayer Society

Wisdom Networks

World Healing Day

The World University





University Centre for Astrological Research


American Association of Astrologers



Reinhard's Dream Page

CONNECTIONS by Elsa Glover

Ella Wheler Wilcox

King Arthur and the Holy Grail

World Peace Meditation

Páginas  Esotéricas por António de Almeida

Alchemical Music

Mystic Christianity

Thomas a Kempis




Rosicrucian Documents

The Order of Maat

Rosicrucian University


Archive Art Galery

 Frater Velado's Art Gallery


Classical Archives Ancient


 New Age Bible Interpretation

New Age Bible and Philosophy Center



ROSE CROSS - A Quarterly Rosicrucian Online Magazine

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Rosicrucian Journal

Rosicrucian Newsletters


Forum dedicated to  Rosicrucianism & Related Subjects

In English

Rose Cross ( dedicated to seekers of the Truth )


The Message of the Stars  ( dedicated to lovers of Astrology )


Rosicruciansophia ( dedicated to serious students of the Western Wisdom Tradition )


Rosicrucianism in Lebanon ( Max Heindel School )


Roselearn ( Max Heindel School )


Rosicrucianism in its different forms ( dedicated to Rosicrucian seekers of everywhere )


Spiritual Science ( dedicated to mystics and ocultists )


Rosenet  (  dedicated  only to Heindel's Writings - moderated )

In Portuguese

Rosacrucianismo em Portugal  ( Escola Max Heindel )

Christian Rosenkreutz ( dedicado a  estudantes de todas as confições rosacruzes)


Rosacruz ( Lista de  estudantes, amigos e simpatizantes da Fraternidade Rosacruz)

In Spanish

Rosanet ( dedicado a las ensenanzas de Max Heindel - moderado )



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