Do you remember “Ferdinand the Bull”?  If so, you can picture him sitting in the lush grass in the shade of a friendly tree, enjoying the summer breeze gliding over his hide, smiling and peacefully smelling the flowers.  Or, you may think of the bull when he is angry, snorting fire from his nostrils, pawing the ground with his front hoofs and ready to go into the ring to fight the torrero. Either image gives us clues to the nature of the bull.


In the instance of Ferdinand, he is reclining comfortably in the luxurious grass smelling the sweet perfume of flowers. If we change this image into a Taurean male we would see him relaxing in a hot tub full of perfumed water, at just the right temperature, surrounded by candles, with plates full of fine cuisine of all sorts, just in range of a lazy reach. And crystal goblets full of fine wine would be there along with beautiful music and fine art. And someone would be there to bathe the bull, or in this case, the man; to scratch and massage him to his full satisfaction.


On the other hand, Taurus can be the raging bull, disturbed from his revere and angered by some real or imagined assault. Immediately he is fully alert and goes charging recklessly to do battle with the aggressor. Although he tends to avoid battle and desires harmony, he is courageous and confident in his ability to win and sees no reason to tolerate repeated, serious affronts.


The keyword for Taurus is, “I have”.  Many people think this relates to worldly goods only, but nothing could be further from the truth. While it is true that Taurus wants whatever is deemed valuable, good and pleasurable in ample or abundant quantities materially, he wants the same spiritually as well. He wants total abundance or wealth on all levels.


Governed by Venus, the planet of love, Taurus loves harmony; it could be said that it is a necessary part of his very Soul; harmony between all people and harmony in nature; as well as harmony between heaven and earth. He has great desire to do good and be good, refraining from ill will and dissent. Taurus will bear the affronts and stings of others with silence, with extreme tolerance, just to keep things peaceful and avoid conflict. He tends to hold a lot of discord inside, rarely coming forth to express it until the pressure cooker of emotions goes into overload; then he explodes.


Taurus enjoys the experience of life whole-heartedly. All he senses are attuned to the flow of nature, to all people, but especially to children and animals. He loves them both and enjoys playing with them and giving them more than they need. He has intuition in his whole body and attends to that which is practical, pleasurable and beautiful. He is able to intuit the truthfulness of a person, even when others cannot.


Do you want a mate that is steadfast, resourceful and faithful? Must he or she be loyal, enduring and dependable? Choose a Taurus.! But it must be realized that Taurus will look for fine qualities in a mate; someone who demonstrates their ability to be a valuable marriage partner; someone who would be an asset to the union; someone who meets the requirements Taurus has set forth for a mate. And Taurus does scrutinize his proposed mate, taking plenty of time to make a decision and to be as certain as possible that it is the right choice.


Lest this gives the impression that Taurus is saintly, please know that Taurus has a negative side. Taurus is stubborn; the most stubborn sign of the zodiac. Once Taurus makes up his mind it is extremely hard to change it, if not entirely impossible. But if Taurus is able to see the truth in a different position or viewpoint, there is a possibility he may change his mind; remote, but possible.


Taurus likes to be waited on and is heavily invested in his own personal comfort. He tends to be quite lazy in this area of life, although he might be quite industrious in business. It is hard for Taurus to draw the line between getting the most out of something desirable without overdoing it. He just does not know when to stop. Taurus may be possessive, jealous and envious. Much work has to be done to overcome these negative qualities. In addition, Taurus has a long memory for those who have wronged him, and he may seethe in anger for long periods of time, possibly even seeking revenge.


The general way that Taurus deals with life is methodical, slow, thorough and deliberate. He investigates everything of interest to its depths, leaving no stone unturned and no question unasked. He highly values clarification and will go to great lengths to attain it.  Taurus is deep and sensuous, with feelings hidden beneath his external veneer. Being an earth sign he is well grounded and tends to dislike silliness or flightiness. It just conflicts too much with his practical nature. Taurus accomplishes his long-term goals by patience and persistence. Long after others have given up, Taurus is still there pursuing his goal.


What does Taurus think about? You can bet it has something to do with fulfillment of desires. These may have to do with acquisition, ownership, and resources. He is centered on maintenance and sustainability, so will take good care of house and car maintenance at the very least. Sustainability is very important to him so he most likely has a good retirement plan. Body comfort is very important so furniture and mattresses are bound to be comfortable. Because of this Venus influence, his home will be attractive,  tastefully furnished and display fine crystal and art.


Taurus loves the plant kingdom and does well in any job involving agriculture, such as landscaping, gardening, farming, florist and/or flower arranging, including botany, biology, zoology as well as veterinary medicine. He is also interested in banking and finance. He makes a good stock broker, investor, real estate broker or builder. The strong Venus influence leads him towards massage, bodywork, bath and body care, upholstered furniture, woodcrafting, and hotel and/or motel business. In addition he would be good in manufacturing, warehousing and retail stores. Trucking and heavy equipment are also good choices.


What is the favorite gem for Taurus? The emerald! Its color, like that of a verdant summer garden, and the costliness, appeal to him.  That clear, deep green is very syntonic with his nature. In fact, all the earth tones are appreciated by Taurus; orange, rust, browns and greens.


Let us now look as the Soul qualities of Taurus. Here we find true commitment and endurance, renunciation of worldliness, solitude, depth, intuition and the ability to determine root causes of problems. He may develop strong spiritual will and a healthy detached attitude. He can be rationally objective and neutral in spite of trying circumstances.


Being governed by Venus the love of ideals is at the forefront. These ideals were brought with him from the heaven world; the perfection only found in the presence of God. This wonderful information, carried in the heart, is there to be accessed during evolution. Thus spiritual information, spiritual substance and heavenly ideals are always waiting for Taurus to remember.


Since Venus is the natural ruler of the second house of money, and the seventh house of one-on-one relationships and to some extent the public at large or in the community, relationships reign supreme. Let’s face it, business is all about relationships. Venus can not only enhance the love life but can help pick collaborators, select possessions according to values and make money. Venus provides the ability to be close to people and to love people; very important in business as well as in social life and in the home. Beauty and charm come into play here as well. Both are gifts from Venus, and Taurus knows how to turn them on without even thinking about it, which provides pleasure for those around him as well as for himself. His charm is not superficial; rather, it is an invitation to look more deeply into others, showing interest and offering friendliness.


The sign opposite to Taurus is Scorpio, which is the mirror image or reflection of Taurus in many ways. If we understand Taurus, we will see that Scorpio is just as acquisitive, sensual and persistent as well as possessive, manipulative and inventive. These qualities are shared between the two signs. However, we must be cognizant that there is a vast difference between these two signs. As we already discussed: Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, while Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Reconciling these very different energies could be done by understanding Venus as the feminine counterpart, soft and yielding, while Mars/Pluto is the male counterpart, more demanding, unyielding or hard.


This relationship between the mirror-image rulers, raises the question as to whether there is a special meaning hidden behind them; hidden but soon to be discovered by all humanity, such as love bringing about a global or collective transformation; a transformation that may be beginning at this time. We could guess that Mars and Pluto together represent war, death and destruction. Hopefully, the Venus/Pluto relationship reflects the power of love to overcome the power of death. Perhaps the love of Venus, if elevated high enough, could produce a softer, more loving transformation of human spirituality. We hope and pray that through the love and cooperation of Venus, the more cataclysmic action of Pluto could be avoided or found unnecessary, or at least mitigated.  As we have heard so many times before, Love is the only answer and Taurus is a great fount of love.  

-Ruth Winocur





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