Cosmodynes - Background


by Allen Edwall


Power - The power of a planet is determined by its house position, its closeness to the cusp of that house, and the number and closeness of its aspects.

The planet with the most cosmodynes is the Ruler of the chart, as it depicts the strongest energy potential.

The quality of the power can be determined by translation of power in three ways: 1) the nature of the planet itself, 2) the nature of each of its aspects, and 3) its essential dignity (sign occupancy), including mutual reception. House position (accidental dignity) does not affect harmony or discord; it affects power.

Societies: Points out the usual areas into which the native directs his energies.
Vitality - 1, 5, 9 (interest in just living it up)
Success - 2, 6, 10 (acquiring money)
Relationship - 3, 7, 11 (deep seated need to associate with people)
Intuition - 4, 8, 12 (Interest in hidden or occult things)

Trinities: Indicates the areas of life which give the native most interest and concern.
Private - 12, 1, 2, 3 (personal interests and affairs)
Friendship - 4, 5, 6, 7 (home, family, and children)
Community - 8, 9, 10, 11 (public activities)

North - 1 thru 6 (talents of native not easily recognized)
South - 7 thru 12 (talents of native easily recognized)
East - 10 thru 12, 1 thru 3 (events come through native's personal actions and initiatives, native calls the shots, influences himself, makes surrounding environment work for him)
West - 4 thru 9 (events come through native's interaction with others, others call the shots, influenced by other people, native works for the environment surrounding him)

Fire (enthusiasm, vigor, spontaneity)
Earth (practicality, common sense)
Air (mental curiosity, people oriented, strong urge to contact others, always trying to please them)
Water (emotion, putting your heart into things)

Qualities: Indicates native's basic character traits
Cardinal (pioneering, adventurous spirit)
Fixed (fixity)
Mutable (adaptability)


    The strongest planets in a chart indicate aptitudes that can be cultivated most easily into abilities. The best (most harmonious) planets shows the things with which the individual can associate to bring good fortune. The strongest (and most harmonious) houses emphasize environments or areas of life where the native will find it easier to practice his vocation, the extent that department of life will be active in the life, and the harmony or discord that may be expected in that department of life. The signs give a picture of the natural, instinctive motivation (likes and dislikes, attitudes and reactions) and enable one to judge whether or not the vocation will bring personal satisfaction.



Financial Gain Mapped By The Planets

    Powerful planets represent deep-seated urges that strain continuously for expression. Any prominent planet indicates an aptitude of the nature signified by that planet that may be converted into abilities.

Sun - Superiors, politics, entertainer, politician, playground director, radiation tested, radio or television performer, biochemist, financier, foremen, administrative executive, receptionist, honor, reputation, large transactions, ability to administer, especially other people, men, government. Ambition, enterprise, confidence and optimism. Dramatic flair. Winning others as followers, supervising and training them. Exercise of authority. Being seen and noticed, awarded, and acclaimed. Government, politics, official positions, leader, supervisor, administration, employer.

Moon - Commerce, domestic related projects, liquids, food, small transactions with a large turnover, general public, gardening, women, breeding of animals, silver, commodities, hotels restaurants, groceries, domesticity, music, those who cater to and serve the public, nurses, airline attendants, dieticians, dry cleaners, housekeepers, cooks, bakers, landscapers, merchants, cashiers, grocers, milkmen, obstetricians, meteorologists, counselors, restaurant workers, hydro-therapists. Sympathy, tenacity, compassion, and sensitivity. Sense of rhythm, timing, and tune. A need to be liked. Interest in nutrition, foods, beverages, or diet. Likes to cater to and serve the public. Feels comfortable in the mainstream, rubbing shoulders with the masses, mixing and mingling with common people, especially in feminine situations. Isolated places and purely mental activity rub the wrong way.

Mercury - Travel agencies, writing, youth-oriented students, oral transactions, contracts, mental activities and abilities, speaking, teaching, printing, shooting the breeze, bookbinders, graphologists, canvassers, stenographers, bank tellers, analytical chemists, bus drivers, osteopaths, book editors, messengers, shipping and receiving clerks, mailmen, food checkers, cab drivers, elevator operators, railroad men, solicitors, animal trainers, computer programmers or operators, librarians, inspectors, lecturers optometrists, interpreters, reporters, typesetters, navigators, travel agents. Constant use of intelligence in solving problems, speedy writing down of thoughts, and the ability to impart information to others. With a strong Saturn - memory for figures, knack for billing and record keeping, calculation of stresses, estimating cost of materials, memorizing long scripts or routines. With a strong Mars - coordination of mind and muscular action, and a faculty for math and handling figures. Enjoys using the hands, tongue and head in an active, varietal environment. Flair for judging size, weight, and distance.

Venus - Social relations, artistry, culture, beauty, friendship, dancing, perfumes, cosmetics, fashion, jewelry, good taste, comforts, refinements, music, love, social matters, decorator, confectioner, beautician, receptionist, milliner, designer, ceramic engineer, haberdasher, commercial artist, cosmetician, beauty spa operator, dressmaker, wigmaker, florist, occupational therapist, singer. Needs companionship to satisfy a strong social urge. Good eye and ear for harmony and tonal quality, deep appreciation for music and art, love of color combinations and forms, neatness and attractiveness of plans or designs on paper or in proper lettering.

Mars - Mechanical things, initiative, aggressive action, doctors, surgeons, building, manufacturing, iron, steel, mechanics, war building, tearing down or building up, physical education instructors, machine repairmen, locksmiths, masseurs, tool designers, welders, diamond cutters, mechanical engineers, physical therapists, athletes, sales agents, barbers, tool and die makers, electroplaters, sheet metal workers, butchers, flight engineers, soldiers, physiotherapists. Courage to take a dare, creativity, ability to face danger, efficient with tools and sharp objects, repairing broken things. Needs physical, muscular action to feel comfortable.

Jupiter - Goodwill and patronage of others, projects directed toward the wealthy, salesmanship, professional ability, legal matters, philosophical and philanthropic ventures, religion, banking, publishing, merchandising, advertising, publicity director, athletic director, television producer, tour guide, recreation director, importer/exporter, court reporter, communication specialist, sports coordinator, radio and television commentator. One who uses warmth, geniality, confidence, and enthusiasm. Enjoys revving up the crowd, inspiring others, and using the power of suggestion. Drawn towards salesmanship, the professions, sports, and the outdoors. Fond of freedom and likes the open road. Likes the big picture and needs to work out the details in his own way.

Saturn - Hard, steady work, organization, caution, shrewdness, projects directed to senior citizens, agriculture, wining, secret and hidden things, farming, business and trade atmospheres, shrewd buyer, basic utilities, building materials, real estate, methodology, systems, long range planning, elderly people, economics, hidden things, civil engineers, dentists, physical chemists, statisticians, typesetters, paleontologists, industrial engineers, geologists, chiropractors, proofreaders, custodians, claims adjustors, draftsmen, masons, efficiency experts. Hates waste, loves efficiency, economy, long and hard work. Needs to be doing something. Dull, monotonous, routine application whets the appetite. Abides by rules and regulations, preferably constructed by others. A hard and careful worker who absorbs responsibility and duty. Can undergo rigid training due to persistence of character. Is diligent, using system, method, and organization in his work.

Uranus - Taking advantage of sudden and unforeseen events, the knack of mesmerizing others, occult forces, electrical gadgets, short-cut methods, inventions, progressive projects, originality, reforms, oratory, exposures, astrology, electricity, computers, reforms, automobiles, mental creativity, science, research, psychology, humanitarianism, technical writer, astronomer, air conditioning technician, aerodynamicist, psychiatrist, telephone repairman. The potential to fascinate and charm people. A charismatic aura that sways the emotions of others. Love of addressing groups. Enters into unusual ventures where originality and inventiveness can be unleashed in making quick decisions to solve problems or devise better timesaving shortcuts. Quick to grasp the ideas of others. Aptitude for installing and adjusting delicate instruments, working with electrical devices.

Neptune - Easy work, promotion, schemes, psychic ability, dramatic talent, stock companies, aviation, gas, oil, drugs, dreams, visions, vacations, amusements, chemicals, promotion and stock companies, the movie industry, submarines, the sea, plastics, fashion designer, make- up artist, chemical engineers, industrial designers, oceanographers, photographers, marine biologists, actors, dancers, druggists, market research analysts, photoengravers, musicians, oilfield workers, cosmeticians. Loves glamour, has a fertile imagination, and constantly seeks the ideal. Presents routine things in dramatic and attractive light. Has a knack for highlighting the good points and subduing those which distract. With a courteous, impersonal manner, he will be the first to tell you that he is not interested in working out the details of the completed entity his creativity has laid out before you. He has little initiative or critical analysis and leaves it for others to work out the fine points. Dislikes hard work, system, and discipline. Has plenty of ideas for promotional schemes, especially those that lead to less energy expenditure for the rewards of wealth and the luxuries of life.

Pluto - Group efforts, mass production, cooperation, welfare work, radio, television, atomic energy, radio operator, embalmer, social worker, medical x-ray technician, nuclear safety engineer, plumber, astrobiologist, policeman, health nutritionist, television technician, radar technician, researcher, FBI agent. Works in cooperation with others, can handle and cater to large groups or unions, and can manipulate people. Special talent for tuning into unseen or non- physical forces or electromagnetic energies. Can detect trouble instinctively and makes a good detective or ferret. Projects are carried out on a large scale, such as an assembly line or by means of mass production.



Financial Gain Mapped By The Houses

1st house - Selling through personal contact, capitalizing on the personality, physical activity, costumer, actor, store clerk, athlete, dancer, physical therapist, anthropologist, receptionist, model, gymnast, laborer, make-up artist. Related to occupations in which the physical body assumes importance, either for endurance, stamina, strength, or the personal appearance.

2nd house - Financial transactions, banking, caretaker of possessions, appraiser, financial broker, cash accounting clerk, bank teller, claims adjuster, bondsmen, securities agent, payroll clerk, buyer, auctioneer. Activities concerned with people's finances and possessions.

3rd house - Writing, traveling, transportation, mail order, newspapers, postal worker, draftsman, mechanic, telephone operator, bookkeeper, stenographer, electrician, architect, accountant, copywriter, bus or taxi driver, speech therapist. Those who write a great deal, who draw, draft or place anything on paper. Media associated with this area are study, education, talking and conversation, phoning, newspapers, periodicals, or mental activity. Mail, garages, local transportation, cars, and travel.

4th house - Hotels, real estate, mining, weather-related things, farming, geologist, landscaper, miner, archeologist, builder, forestry technician, architect, meteorologist, painter and decorator, realtor, oil field worker. Things associated with the land, such as gardens, forests, buildings, mines, oil wells, excavations. The home and any base of operations

5th house - Entertainment, stocks, bonds, speculation, creative efforts, youth-oriented ventures, children, romance, educational institutions, hobbies, games, sports, amusements, vacations, play, actor, musician, athlete, recreation director, choreographer, sports photographer, obstetrician, arts and crafts workers, securities salesmen, hobby and game manufacturers, bowling alley operator, child psychologist. An attraction to where creativity is expressed - places of pleasure, entertainment, amusement, presentation of fine arts, films or drama, sports and recreational areas, hobbies, children and youth activities, school, stock market and speculation.

6th house - Preparation and serving of foods, public utilities, armed services, hygiene, labor relations, nurses, tenants, drugstores, laboratories, maintenance, diet, pets, firemen, policemen, nurses, employment counselors, waiters, dentists, dietitian, food processor, hygienist, rehabilitation counselor, pet shop owner. Sickrooms and places where people handle food, chemicals or drugs. Public and private service and hygiene. Those who are at the beck and call of others - the servers. Diet and nutrition. Small pets and animals. Labor unions.

7th house - Direct public contact, partnerships, competitors, clients, marriage, legal matters, marriage counselor, social worker, lawyer, receptionist, merchant, pollster, sociologist, store clerk, law librarian, legal secretary, public defender, society editor. Activities linked with customers, clients, and the general public. Partnerships, legal matters, lawsuits, competition and known opposition.

8th house - Investment, handling and care of other people's money, inheritance, gifts, insurance, escrow, mortgages, loan companies, banked funds drawing interest, pensions, Social Security, Medicare, actuary, economist, cashier, tax consultant, purchasing agent, escrow officer, insurance agent, underwriter, embalmer, custodian, commodity loan clerk, accountant. Other people's money and possessions or joint ownership. Activities where personal finances are used for profit such as stock dividends, pensions, savings account interest, or partnership income. Insurance, mortgages, escrow, taxes, loans, financial backing, inheritances, welfare and relief programs.

9th house - Radio, television, publishing, lecturing, ideas expressed publicly, import/export, legal matters in court, foreign affairs, religion, higher education, travel agent, aviator, publisher, teacher, lawyer, media director, foreign trader, public relations man, advertiser, lecturer, clergyman, radio or TV technician, cruise director. Publicly expressed opinions such as publishing, teaching, or lecturing. The court, its decisions, and the jury are ruled by this house. Instruments related to broadcasting and reception, such as TV, radio, satellites, etc. Travel to foreign countries, import and export, as well as long journeys in general, especially for vacations.

10th house - Reputation, credit and success in business, civil service, political activity, government, publicity, industrialist, proprietor, politician, board chairman, political scientist, foreman, city manager, career counselor, credit investigator, manufacturer, supervisor, executive administrator. People who influence others with their prestige or authority. Work that requires an out-of-the- ordinary reputation in the community. Administration of public or private business or political office.

11th house - Counseling, advising, friendship in relation to trade, sales, etc., professional hostess, reception clerk, psychologist, organizational worker, humanitarian, advisor, outreach worker, counselor, visiting nurse, candy-striper, club officer, social worker, lobbyist, psychiatrist, parole officer. Concerns friendly groups of acquaintances who come together in clubs, societies, and organizations. People who befriend and encourage progress of the mentally and physically handicapped or underprivileged. Those who offer helpful advice in an impersonal manner.

12th house - Activities associated with large institutions, especially hospitals, prisons and places of confinement, work behind the scenes, research, detective agencies, biomedical engineer, surgeon, chemist, FBI agent, researcher, psychiatric social worker, statistician, historian, inspector, psychoanalyst, x-ray technician. Associated with places of restriction, confinement, and privacy, areas for functioning behind the scenes out of the public eye, such as confidential work, crime detection, or research. Imprisonment and bondage, personal secrets, secret liaisons or negotiations, and anonymous philanthropy.


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